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Since the advent of the modern internet, there has been a vast proliferation of tools and services that try to help improve the user experience and overall process for finding your next gig. This rapid growth of job searching and profile matching has created new challenges related to filtering through the noise (and annoying ads!) so that individuals can find the right job for their background, experience, and values.

Enter Web3 (or crypto for you traditionalists), a paradigm shift in how jobs are created, defined and ultimately filled. Whether it be working for a DAO, developing some new primitive technology, or figuring out some interesting way to disintermediate traditional or “Web2” companies through a more “crypto native” approach, the future of jobs is truly here.

The beauty in these models is not only how teams are built and connected through the global network the internet has given us but how these projects can also develop and disburse direct monetary incentives to these team members in a variety of ways in addition to offering the traditional every other week paycheck to your bank account.

Add to this a diverse set of options for how work is delivered not just full-time but part-time, temporary, and even milestone-based opportunities, and you, all of a sudden, have an interesting place to look for career growth whether you want to opt out of your boring day job altogether or maybe explore opportunities to contribute in places that play to your strengths in your spare time for a few extra bucks (or tokens.)

Polygon recognizes this, and that’s why we have been focused on developing our jobs and bounties programs to offer anyone anywhere in the world a place where they can find these opportunities and connect with the teams needing help. Our mission is to ensure the right talent meets the right job, and we want to do everything we can to help teams grow their base of talented individuals through not only our platform but also our wider reach across Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, online job fairs (which we’ll touch on below) and various other channels.

But above all, we want to make this experience intuitive and free to use and ensure that it always provides value to our partners and community members. Let’s dive into the details of both WAGMI Jobs and our bounties programs from here to give you a bit more information. Read on!


Let’s start with jobs or what we call WAGMI Jobs (because, as we said before, we have always just been trying to make it.)  WAGMI Jobs is a simple but powerful service that facilitates the building of a talent network and takes manual work out of connecting people and companies.  In the case of Polygon, we have gone to great lengths to build out this network and now have over 120+ companies with more than 600+ jobs listed at the time of writing, definitely one of the largest collections of jobs you will find in Web3.

Companies (or DAOs, projects, etc.) are able to link their careers page directly through WAGMI Jobs and stream real-time updates directly to the board. Thanks to this, the platform has helped to drive 25,000+ applications and 1000+ new jobs added in just the last six months. We plan to continue to up the ante in how we deliver value through this service by using the data gathered to help with things like job matching, reputation, and predictive analytics to help potential employers get the most out of partnering with us.

We also have been thinking about ways we can be innovative in linking potential employers to interested applicants, and that’s what led us to come up with what we’re calling WAGMI Job Drops.

WAGMI JobDrops

WAGMI Job Drops is an online career fair of sorts, and we hosted our inaugural event in late July that was focused on blockchain developers.  We consider it a massive success with 11 Hiring Partners participating, including Chainlink, Quickswap, Horizon Blockchain Games, Animoca Brands, CoinDCX, Hike, Airstack, Colexion, Edverse, Paxo Finance, and Router Protocol.

Along with these hiring partners, we saw 140+ developers making time in their busy schedules to come and check it out. The event was hosted on “” which gave it remarkable visual elements of a metaverse, and by the end of the day, 60+ candidates were shortlisted for next-level interviews. We plan on hosting similar events like this regularly, both in person and virtually, and will be rotating the job focus to other areas like finance, marketing, business development, and product for those of you that have an interest in this area.

From time to time, we find some potential employers that need an additional layer of support in finding the right candidates for roles. In that case, Polygon can facilitate this need also through the WAGMI Jobs platform. Polygon is one of the largest and fastest-growing organizations in Web3 today, and because of this history, we have extensive experience with qualified recruiting firms that have been used and vetted through their work with Polygon. Through our partner programs, we can broker these introductions and also offer help through our Welcome Vouchers (a program we’ll be discussing more in a future blog post right here.)


Another area our team has been working on is Bounties. First off, what are bounties?

Well, bounties (in the Polygon DAO context) are a place where individuals and organizations (decentralized or not) can post assignments, and people can take on these assignments and receive payment for completing these assignments. We believe bounties should be a permissionless way for people to get started with working in Web3. The talent supply in our space is relatively small as compared to the demand, especially in an ecosystem as vast as Polygon. There are many different DAOs, established projects, and traditional startups, all of which need people to work on them, and that’s where we want to try and help.

Our vision for bounties is a place that connects needs to resources and allows the two parties to work directly with one another.  We're currently working on revamping our bounty program and have recently started a competition that will determine the recipient of a range of financial/non-financial support from Polygon DAO, with the winner decided by the community.  You can click here for more details and get a chance to win some merch for your time.

The competition will be bracket based, and those who make it all the way to what we’re calling the prize pool will be eligible for access to Polygon support initiatives. These may include grants, welcome vouchers, and accelerator support along with opportunities to gain visibility in the ecosystem. We invite you to check out the list of applicants and vote on those you think should make it to the next round.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks again for taking the time to get up to speed on these programs. We hope to see you at The Village soon and would like for you to join us on this journey as we continue to build out the Polygon Ecosystem.

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