BUIDLing in web3 as a Dev and Non-Dev

The emergence of web3 has allowed curious people to go wild in an open-source, transparent, and welcoming space. The fast-growing space has allowed many people to contribute value, gain knowledge, and build a career for themselves. We want to take it one step further. We want you to come out on top by building your own project, contributing massive value, gaining a lot of knowledge, and making a name for yourself.

Why BUIDL in Web3?

Buidling on web3 compared to anywhere else in this time of age comes with a list of benefits;

  • Unlock a more valuable internet for everyone

  • Competitive compensation for your work

  • Many free, high-quality resources to get you started and going

  • A large network of people willing to help and looking to expand opportunities

  • A wide area of skills to expand in

Many web3 pioneers built a career for themselves because of their curiosity and discipline. People with zero background in IT started teaching themselves how to write Solidity and build DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, DAOs, and more. Also, other skills, like people with an interest in blockchains, started writing about them, landing content jobs at large protocols and DAOs. How about the entrepreneur from web2 that founded a project in web3 by receiving the right help? These people leveraged their curiosity and discipline to build something for themselves. Now, how can you do this too?

How to BUIDL in Web3?

As we mentioned, web3 has many free, high-quality resources to get you started. Here are three things that will help massively, but finding the right ones is difficult.

  • Resources

  • People

  • Funding


By resources, we mean things like tutorials, hosting, mentoring, marketing support, infra support, audit services, listings, liquidity support, and more. These resources will help you leverage your ideas, tasks, and projects to a whole new level.


By people, we mean people that have skin in the game, experience, and a network in web3. They know everything related to the resources we mentioned above. Those people can help you fit your needs and advise you on what is best in your situation.


By funding, we mean financial support for your project and ideas. The general term for this is grants. By receiving grants, you can build at a faster pace by hiring more people, getting the right tools, and more.

What if there was a place where you could find all these three things and leverage them to grow your web3 career? Well, there is.

Polygon Village

Polygon Village, which is incentivized by Polygon DAO, is a full-stack ecosystem for developers and non-developers to build and grow. Polygon Village gives developers and non-developers the opportunity to grow at a far faster rate than competitors and allows them to reach the right resources and people. This incentive is vital to get a head start in web3. Let’s dive into what help you can receive and how to receive it.

The Beginning

Let’s say you’ve got your idea for a project, you might even have built a part of your idea, but you ran into the issue of missing either funding, people, or resources. Well, get yourself over to Polygon Village and find the place that fits your needs.

Here’s a quick guide for you;

As you can see, Polygon Village offers everything you need to BUIDL in web3. Check out the resources here; https://village.polygon.community/

Village Wonders

If you have made it this far, we have something special for you. Village Wonders.

Village Wonders is a three-month pre-acceleration cohort supporting early-mid stage dapps. Wonders is an all-in-one package for projects looking for advanced support.

Wonders supports selected projects by enabling key partnerships, unlocking private networks, and fast-tracking knowledge sharing and skills development.

The current cohort is receiving support; the next application stage will be announced soon, so keep an eye out on our Twitter.

Wonders comes with a list of benefits;

  • Mentorship & Office Hours: Each selected project will receive dedicated time with some of Polygon’s top experts. This will include time with the BD, product, and tech teams within the ecosystem.

  • $40K Investment in return for 1.5% equities or tokens

  • Demo Day with Top VCs: The three-month cohort will conclude with a live Demo Day in front of top-level VCs, including Polygon Ventures.

  • Up to $70K Vouchers from Tier-1 partners: Polygon DAO partnered with several top-level teams to provide service vouchers for selected projects. Those selected for the Wonders program will receive 70K worth of services from these partners.

  • Recognition, Ecosystem connections, Marketing & Community Building support: Selected projects will receive marketing support through AMA sessions with our community and networking opportunities with other projects within the ecosystem.

Closing Thoughts

This is what Polygon Village offers for support to projects building on Polygon. If you need any other help, you can chat with the community in the Polygon DAO Discord server.

About Polygon DAO

Polygon DAO is the centerpiece of Polygon’s long-term strategy of progressively decentralizing the ecosystem's growth to the community. Polygon DAO aims to represent and support various areas of interest within the Polygon ecosystem. Through Polygon Village, developers gain access to everything they need to build, grow, and showcase their Web3 initiatives; projects building on Polygon receive comprehensive, quality support.

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